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Planning Pages

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Presentation Planning



Section 1: Timelines

  • Presentation is Friday, October 5, 2007
  • Denver Ballroom Suites V and VI
  • Note from Genny to Michelle: I have your bio and will introduce you.  If you read this before the presentation and want to introduce me, I've been the "Internet Librarian" (that is, the webmaster) for the past five years.  Previously I worked in the MELVYL offices at the University of California for 14 years, and in private-sector web development for several years.


Section 2: Tools In Use


  • Blogs - both (Genny has locally installed WPMU, Michelle has MoveableType)
  • Wikis - both  (Genny has pbwiki, Michelle has MediaWiki)
  • Chat - Michelle
  • MySpace - Genny
  • del.icio.us (Tagging) - may be on horizon for Genny
  • Feedburner (Subscribe by email or RSS) - Genny has on blog, Michelle same (though simply RSS enabled, no Feedburner)
  • Other heads-up tools that aren't 2.0?  (like email newsletters) Michelle - we have some newsletters, but none in my subject area as I tend to find them irritating and useless. :)



Section 3: Other Tools to Discuss

  • Facebook
  • Podcasting
  • Tagging
  • RSS - Genny - already there via blog, but adding OPAC feeds; Michelle - we have RSS on the library events page
  • Basecamp - internal usage, project management site




Section 4: Project initiation, Training and Buy-In

  •  Identifying a need that "sounds like" a social tool
  • Pilot projects
  • Work with the enthusiastic staff
  • Signoff vs. skunkworks?



Section 5: Measurement and Evaluation

  •  Difficulty measuring use of outside-hosted resources (MySpace)
  • Using FeedStats, Feedburner, local logs to measure blog subscribers
  • Using standard web usage logs to measure blog visitors for locally-installed blogs
  • Did it work as an outreach tool?

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